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We Repair Phones, Laptops, Game Console & More.. We offer the best support to optimize your Gadgets use. At OYAFIX, we believe everyone has a right to repair their Gadgets themselves, we support these by providing you with the best available replacement parts, repair kits for smart Phones, Laptops , Game Console & More.

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Repair. Buy. Swap. & Rent.

Phones, Laptops, Game Consoles repair at a DM away, We provide out of warranty repair service and support your right to repair, mobile phones, laptops.

Our AI powered Self Service portal goes live on March 30,2024. You deserve more, so your gadget should spend less time at repair shop, the self service is engineered to optimized per service turnover to 1 hours maximum, other repair that might exceed this will be handle with further urgency,

Gadgets Repair Made Easy. at OyaFix our repair services are built on customer demands, accessible repair options. You can bring your gadgets to the nearest OyaFIx Service Center, you can also send it to us through one of our deliveries and pickup partners.

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